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Dear Fellow Democrat,
Hope this newsletter finds you healthy and happy during these unpredicatble times. Our next general meeting will be Wednesday, May 27th on Zoom. The regular meeting will begin at right at 7 PM with no early social hour this month. Don't forget to pre-register!!
We do hope you'll attend as our meeting is packed, from speakers to endorsments, and general business. Ryan Calkins, King County Port Commissior, will be starting us off with an update related to COVID-19, including the relief and recovery plans, and how the virus is impacting tourism related industirues locally. We will also get an update from Dr. Kim Schrier, U.S. Congress Reprsentative for WA-8, on how the "other" Washington is handling this crisis, along with regular business. 
Please see below for details related to endorsements, and our website for a complete AGENDA. And see you Wednesday! 
Candidate Endorsement Meeting: May 27th
What:  We will be hearing from candidates seeking our endorsement in the 2020 election season. Debate will be happening virtually with respect to our bylaws, but voting will take place by email after the meeting in a COVID related change of procedure. 
When:  Our virtual meeting will be Thur May 27th, 2020, with candidates starting at approximately 7:45pm. Please use THIS LINK to register for the meeting ahead time. After attending the meeting, expect an email with your ballot to vote on all eligible candidates Friday morning, if you have not received the ballot by noon on Friday please reach out to our Commincations Chair
Who: Only 31st LD Democrats members in good standing will be eligible to vote on endorsements. Members in good standing include 31st LD Democratic PCOs, elected and appointed (but not acting), and Democratic residents of the 31st Legislative District who have filled out a membership form and paid membership dues for the current calendar year at least 30 days prior to voting. Members who have paid dues for the current year less than 30 days prior to the Endorsement Meeting shall not be eligible to nominate or vote for endorsements unless they also paid dues and were considered a member in good standing in the prior calendar year
Prepare to vote by reading about where the candidates stand on the issues:
All candidates who have asked for our endorsement can be found here. Each link there takes you that candidate’s answers to our questionnaire. The candidates on the agenda are as follows, questionnaire's linked as applicable:
King County Superior Court - Andrea Robertson
Pierce County Superior Court - Sabrina Ahrens
Commissioner of Public Lands - Hilary Franz
Lieutenant Governor - Denny Heck
Governor - Jay Inslee 
31st LD State Representative, Pos. 1 - Katie Young
31st LD State Representative, Pos. 2 - Thomas Clark 
Get to know our candidates for the 31st!
It takes courage to leap, and while we have not endorsed these candidates as membership body, I would be remise if I did not introduce them by first saying thank you. Thank for responding to the call to step up during filing week. Thank you for jumping into the arena in an area that is lacking democrats in the numbers that easily win. We are excited to get to know you and grow your support! Check out below for Katie Young and Thomas Clark's hello to the 2020 campgain trail!
Katie Young - 31st LD State Rep., Pos. 1
The Pacific Northwest has always been my home. I was raised in downtown Sumner where my parents owned Golden Rule Bears for over 20 years. As a child I fell in love with horseback riding, and spent every free moment I could at the barn.
Before being accepted to Charles Wright Academy in University Place, I attended McAlder Elementary, Bonney Lake Elementary, and Crestwood Elementary all thriving school within the 31st LD. I went on to graduate from Charles Wright Academy with deep passion for the arts and theater. But, it was a class on genocides of the 20th century my senior year that sparked my interest in learning more about human rights. I pursued both of these areas of study at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where I earned a BA concentrating in Theater Production, Business and Genocide Studies.
Professionally, I have worked for over a decade in the performing arts as a freelance stage manager and director. I am a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union representing actors and stage managers. I serve on multiple committees with the union and am a relentless advocate for safe workplaces and fair wages.
I’m an artist, not a career politician. I am a passionate citizen who fights tirelessly for the betterment of my communities, and I would love to put that passion into practice in my home community. Making theater is an ideal primer for working in government. For one, it’s paramount that the only way to get anything done successfully is through collaboration, all the moving pieces are needed to create the performance. There are and always will be challenges, but those of us who see the challenges and approach them intent on problem solving will ultimately succeed. And our current crisis will involve a similar multifaceted response. I am ready to find creative and holistic solutions to the once in a lifetime crisis on our hands.
My priorities are to support quality diverse education for all, investment in the local economy through small businesses to create living-wage jobs for the people of these communities , and ensured access to affordable, science backed, quality healthcare. And ultimately, every legislative decision we make going forward must consider the effect it will have on the overall climate crisis, with an additional need to proactively focus on creating a thriving, sustainable green economy and future.
I’m a creative problem solver, and I value all voices in the process. I want to hear from you. I realize that you are my main accountability, you are the resident of the 31st that I will tireless work on behalf of. I look forward to an ongoing dialogue as to what your priorities are, and if elected, I can promise to keep listening.
Thomas Clark - 31st LD State Rep., Pos 2.
Like many Washingtonians, I moved here in the spirit of adventure. I have worked hard and have achieved more than I could have imagined. I appreciate the privileges available to me, and recognize those same privileges are not always available to others. I have enjoyed great prosperity, but also endured great tragedy. I have made many friends and have received great support from within the community. I am proud but strive to be humble. I value honor and integrity and pledge that to our community in this election season, and if elected, as your represtative too. In our quest to be great, we should not forget to be good.
Professional Experience
Boeing retiree of 33 years supporting engineering development and testing of large scale systems focused on DoD programs. Working with some of the best and brightest people to develop organized and thorough processes supporting our collective objectives and achieving amazing results. I worked directly with customers, government regulatory agencies, and our team to ensure the shared interests of all parties were addressed. This work allowed me to travel worldwide and appreciate many diverse cultures. I worked alongside our armed forces and those of many nations, learning to appreciate and respect the value of alliances and shared goals.

Are you a member of the 31st?
Annual dues are $31 per calendar year, and are a significant portion of our operating budget. While our general meetings are open to all, only dues-paying members have voting privileges. Reduced dues are available in limited income situations that include, but aren’t limited to: veteran, senior and/or student status, with a minimum of $5 that ensures full rights and privileges.


While dues have historically made up the majority of our budget, we are stepping up our fight to make the 31st District a truly inclusive, equitable, and welcoming place to live. Please consider helping us achieve our goals by contributing today!

C L I C K  H E R E
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Become a member of the 31st District Democrats! While our general body meetings are open to all, only dues-paying members have voting privileges. Additionally, dues are the primary source of revenue from which we are able to support candidates, host events (including precinct caucuses!), and generally work towards progressive causes. Donate to maximize your impact.
Our Facebook page: a great source for local info, local events, local discussion, and local calls to action, updated frequently by members of our community.
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