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Dear Fellow Democrat,
Currently there is NO Democratic candidate for either of the two State Representative positions in the 31st Legislative District.
The deadline to file to run for office is tomorrow, 4 p.m. on Friday, May 15th.
The question of the day is “If not you, then who?”
Have you ever considered running for office? Do you know of anyone who you think should run? If so, please reach out to me immediately at ‪(253) 234-4759 or chair@31stDistrictDemocrats.org.
Here is the online link to use to declare your candidacy: https://voter.votewa.gov/CandidateFiling/CandidateLogin.aspx
Our recruitment efforts have come up empty, and we were hampered by the outbreak of the COVID virus and the subsequent changes to the LD Delegate Selection Process. Time and effort that could have been used to try to find a candidate were spent elsewhere. That's not an excuse, merely a statement of fact.
The position of State Representative requires that the person be a registered voter in the 31st LD. Representatives propose and vote on laws that affect everyone in Washington State. Our citizen Legislature meets annually on the second Monday in January in the Capitol building in Olympia. In odd-numbered years – the budget year – the Legislature meets for 105 days, and in even-numbered years for 60 days. If necessary, the Governor can call legislators in for a special session for a 30-day period.
More information on the legislative process can be found here: http://leg.wa.gov/legislature/Pages/Overview.aspx.
The same link above can be used to register to become a Precinct Commitee Officer (PCO). If you are not ready to run for State Representative, please consider running to be a PCO as a first step. Many of our elected leaders in Washington started out as a PCO, and many of them still are.

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