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We hope this email finds you in good health and safely at home. In this email, you will find a message from our Chair Brian Gunn, information regarding the upcoming Legislative District Caucus, and an announcement about our upcoming general meeting.  
A Message from our Chair Brian Gunn 
With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across our nation and the world, we face an unprecedented challenge: How do we continue to live and work and maintain our social connections in a time when most of us are staying home and must maintain rigorous social distancing when we do go out for permitted activities such as shopping for necessities. While these limitations may seem onerous, it is important to bear in mind that following measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 will save lives. Recovery will happen sooner and be more complete, if we continue to be diligent, and that will benefit all of us in the long run. Our current isolation is in itself a demonstration of our connectedness and care for our families, our neighbors and our global community.
One thing is certain: the upcoming elections have not become less important; on the contrary, 2020 is likely to be remembered as one of America's most significant elections. It is imperative that the voices of the people from Washington State be heard in the selection of our Democratic candidate for President of the United States. To that end, our State Party has provided us with guidance and new procedures for conducting the selection of delegates at the upcoming Legislative and Congressional District caucuses.
We need folks from the 31st LD to step up now and run to be a delegate to the CD Caucus and the State Convention. Under the current restrictions, in-person meetings are not possible, so the 31st LD Caucus will be held via a digital ballot cast by duly elected and appointed Precinct Committee Officers. But before that can happen, those wishing to fill these delegate positions must state their candidacy online. That's where you come in. You can complete a candidate statement now at WA Election Center. Applications to run for LD delegate will be accepted until April 22.
We have 22 delegate positions and 12 alternates to fill in the 31st LD, and we need a wide diversity of folks to stand up and be counted in support of their preferred candidate. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were the only candidates to garner more than 15% of the popular vote during the March primary, so we need delegates for both candidates to participate in the process of choosing national delegates to represent Washington State at the Democratic National Convention (in Milwaukee) this August and to vote on the WA State platform at the State Convention (in Tacoma) in June.
Now, it is likely that both the CD Caucus and the State Convention will be held virtually (similarly to how we are conducting the LD Caucus), so if you are interested in being an LD delegate, travel won't be a requirement. It is not yet clear whether restrictions on gatherings will have an impact on the Democratic National Convention in August, but we still need to choose those delegates, so that no one can claim that our candidate was not chosen legitimately. If you want to be a National delegate, you must submit this Letter of Intent no later than May 4, 2020. Instructions for where to mail the letter are included on the form.
I'd like to close by thanking those on the front lines of combating this epidemic for their bravery, dedication and commitment to helping others. If anyone reading this is ill or has lost wages due to the stay at home rules, I am truly sorry for the suffering you must endure. I continue to believe that progressive public policies supported by Democrats would go a long way to solving these types of problems instead of making them worse. That's why we're pressing on with the business of choosing delegates and why I encourage everyone reading this to consider participating at whatever level makes sense for you in your current circumstances.
Brian L. Gunn
Chair, 31st Legislative District Democratic Party
Upcoming LD Caucus Information   
As Brian summed up above, the LD caucus process is still happening(virtually), and it is more important than ever that we as the 31st District Democrats get the word out! There have been some changes to the process in light of recent events, the new process will be as follows:
  • Delegates to the congressional district (CD) caucuses and State Convention will be elected by PCOs: PCOs need to have been ELECTED or APPOINTED by 7pm, Monday March 16, 2020 to qualify to vote. The PCOs will be able to vote remotely and will not be required to attend an in-person LD caucus meeting
  • PCOs will elect delegates:
    • to the CD caucus, which has moved to a vitrual format, with voting proceeding online. Procedures for the new digital process are being worked out by the state party now, and we wil provide more information as we receive it to those that are interested. These delegates will elect the 58 CD national delegates.
    • to the State Convention, which at the time of this email is still scheduled to be held on June 12-14 in Tacoma. Delegates here will vote for the remaining national delegates, as well as the state platform.
​Our 31st Call to Action!! Encourage PCO and Delegate Paticpation!!
  • Are you a PCO? Please get in touch with Jan Furrey, she will have more information on everything going forward. 
  • Would you like to be a CD/State delegate? Follow this link to register! Make sure to reigster by April 22nd, as well as submit an online statement to attract voters (PCOs).
  •  Know that you want to be a national delgate? Follow this link to submit your Letter of Intent! Letter must be submitted by May 4th, 2020. 
  • Need more informaionon on the delegate process? This link is for you! 
Upcoming Meetings
Just a quick note about upcoming meetings. With the Governor's Stay Home, Stay Safe order currently in place, it is hard to say when we will be able to get togeher in person again, but we know democracy needs us right now. So currently the 31st LD's Executive Board is exploring virtual options that would work for as many of our members as possible. At this time, it is most likely that we will be using Zoom, a video conferencing website, to conduct our upcoming meetings. Our April Meeting annoucment will contain more details, but we wanted to get an idea of how many memebers anticipate needing one-on-one help with this medium. With that in mind, we would like to set up learning sessions before the meeting for all who want it, if this is you, please reach out to Tamara Stramel

Annual dues are $31 per calendar year, probably making it time to renew your membership! Renew today for 2020!
While our general meetings are open to all, only dues-paying members have voting privileges. Reduced dues are available in limited income situations that include, but aren’t limited to: veteran, senior and/or student status, with a minimum of $5 that ensures full rights and privileges.

to become a member

While dues have historically made up the majority of our budget, we are stepping up our fight to make the 31st District a truly inclusive, equitable, and welcoming place to live. Please consider helping us achieve our goals by contributing today!

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