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Dear Fellow Democrat,
Hope to see you this upcoming Wednesday, February 26th, at our general meeting at the Edgewood Fire Station (10105 24th St E, Edgewood, WA 98371). Come early for social hour at 6 PM to meet like-minded neighbors and have some engaging conservations. Our exciting event with Hilary Franz will start promptly at 7 PM, with general business to follow. See below for more details! 
Additonal information in this newlestter includes a Chair's Note regarding the upcoming primary, a reminder to renew your annual dues, a list of upcoming events across the region, as well as information regarding our continued search for a secretary. 
February Meeting! Hilary Franz! 
 ** This month, the 31st is exctited to a host a state-wide candiate early in the election season for a unique opportunity of discussion. We hope to have a good crowd of newcomers, as well as members, please help us get out the word by RSVPing yes and then sharing this Facebook Event. **

Elected in 2016, and up for reelection in 2020, Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz protects and manages nearly six million acres of public lands in Washington State. Commissioner Franz is committed to ensuring our public lands are healthy and productive, both today and for future generations.She is leading the push to make Washington’s lands resilient in the face of climate change, investing in carbon sequestration and clean energy with wind, solar, and geothermal infrastructure.

As the leader of our state's largest wildfire fighting force, she has pushed for new strategies, innovations, and resources to protect our communities. In order to restore wildfire resilience in our forests, Commissioner Franz developed a 20-year Forest Health Strategic Plan. This plan will make more than one million acres of forest healthier and more resistant to wildfires – a scale and pace that is unprecedented.
She has also prioritized investments in our rural communities, allocating millions of dollars to spark economic opportunities in struggling communities. She knows that our working lands – and the communities that depend on them for family-wage jobs – are integral to our success as a state, and she is investing in their success.

Hilary is a third-generation farmer and small forest landowner, and has raised three wonderful boys. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Smith College and a juris doctor from Northeastern University Law School.
Our trusty leader, Brain Gunn will be faciliating the dicussion with Hilary Franz. We encourage all members that have a question for Commissioner Franz to submit them ahead of time by email: chair@31stdistrictdemocrats.org or Phone: ‪(253) 234-4759‬
Can't wait to see everyone there!
Chair's Message on March 10th Primary! 
As I write this, the Democratic presidential candidates are preparing for the Nevada debate, and at the same moment our local election officials have just mailed the presidential primary ballots to millions of registered voters here in Washington State. Your ballot needs to be voted, signed, and returned by March 10. We are anticipating high turnout for this crucial election, and I hope everyone reading this will participate. And then talk to ten friends and family about the importance of voting in the primary, and encourage them to return their ballots in a timely manner too.
You may remember that the presidential nomination process in Washington State started with a caucus in 2016. In an effort to increase the number people who can participate, and make the process more democratic, there will be no precinct-level caucuses in Washington State in 2020. Instead, this year the results of the primary will be used to determine the number of delegates for each candidate who gets at least 15% of the popular vote. We will have legislative district caucuses and congressional district caucuses later in the year to choose the delegates, but the proportion of delegates pledged to specific candidates will be decided by the voters over the next three weeks.
You can expect to see a declaration of party preference on the primary ballot return envelope. You MUST check one and only one party and sign the declaration in order for your vote to be counted. Similarly, you must vote for one and only one candidate, and the party of the candidate you pick must match the party preference you indicated in the declaration.
Obviously we're counting on everyone getting this newsletter to vote the Democratic side of the primary ballot. Who you choose is up to you to decide, I would encourage you to vote for the candidate who most aligns with your personal values; so that we get a nominee who represents the principles and policies that we, as Democrats, agree are needed to get our country back on track to achieving our shared goals of economic justice, affordable healthcare for all, addressing the climate emergency, and restoring our reputation in the world as a champion of human and civil rights for all people, everywhere.
Many of you may be aware that Super Tuesday falls on March 3, just a week before our primary voting closes on March 10. With 15 jurisdictions representing 40% of the US population voting on that day, you may consider waiting for the outcome of those primaries before casting your ballot in our WA primary, understanding that one or more candidates could suspend their campaigns based on those results. If you decide to wait until March 4th or later to vote, I strongly recommend that you drop off your ballot at one of the many drop boxes in Pierce or King County. This is because if the US mail does not deliver your ballot by election day, your ballot will not be counted.
Please call or email me if you have any questions.
Email: chair@31stdistrictdemocrats.org Phone: ‪(253) 234-4759‬
Officer Vacancy: Call to Run for Secretary!
As announced in previous newsletters, the 31st District Democrats currently have 1 officer vacany that must be filled, as it is quite important! This is not a statutory position, so all members in good standing are eligible to vote. (see Article IV sec. 1A for a full description of voting requirements). See below for a brief description of the duties performed by our secretary: 
  • Assists the Chair in the preparation of agendas for the executive and general membership meetings
  • Produces minutes of the executive, general membership, and special meetings
  • Circulates and submits executive board, general membership and special meeting minutes for approval at the next appropriate meeting
  • Works with the Website/Technology Chair to ensure meeting information (agendas, minutes and correspondence) are posted on the website as appropriate and archived by either electronic or printed means
If you are interested in this position, or have any questions, please reach out to our chair Brain Gunn. 
Are you a 2020 Member of the
31st LD Democrats?   
Traditionally, membership dues have been our primary source of funding. We rely on them to cover our regular operating expenses, which allow us to maintain our presence in the district through monthly meetings, maintaining a basic website, publishing this monthly newsletter, and renting booth space at fairs and festivals in our district. With this presence, we have sought to spread our Democratic ideals online, in print, and through community interaction.
Annual dues are $31 per calendar year. Reduced dues are available in limited income situations that include, but aren’t limited to: veteran, senior and/or student status, with a minimum of $5 that ensures full rights and privileges.By becoming a member, you gain full voting privileges, including the ability to endorse candidates, propose and adopt resolutions, and shape the rules and bylaws that govern our processes.

As you might know, we have been upping our game in the past few years: not only have we had a great membership turnout, but one-time and monthly-recurring donations, on top of membership dues, have allowed us to contribute materially to elections in our district. Our contributions directly affect Democrat visibility in the 31st, and in this important election year it is more important than ever that we are seen!

All that we need now is you! Your membership, your voice, your ideas. You are the 31st District Democrats. To renew or establish your 31st membership, click here! To add a one time or recurring donation, please click here
Upcoming Events
Saturday, February 22nd • County Organizing Academy: Learn How to Run for Delegate • IAM 751 Machinists Union Hall, presented by Washington State Democrats, Event starts at 12 PM, and you can find more information HERE.
Saturday, March 7th: 2020 Magnuson Awards • Washington State Convention Center, presented by Washington State Democrats, Event starts at 5 PM, and you can find tickets/more information HERE.
Thursday, March 26th: 31st LD PCO Planning Meeting, organized by our PCO Coordinator Jan Furey, meeting will be from 7 PM to 9 PM at Jan's house. Email Jan for more info. 

Annual dues are $31 per calendar year, probably making it time to renew your membership! Renew today for 2020!
While our general meetings are open to all, only dues-paying members have voting privileges. Reduced dues are available in limited income situations that include, but aren’t limited to: veteran, senior and/or student status, with a minimum of $5 that ensures full rights and privileges.

to become a member

While dues have historically made up the majority of our budget, we are stepping up our fight to make the 31st District a truly inclusive, equitable, and welcoming place to live. Please consider helping us achieve our goals by contributing today!

to make a donation
** If you know of any events that should be included in our next newsletter, please let Tamara Stramel know!! ** ____________________________ 
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Our Facebook page: a great source for local info, local events, local discussion, and local calls to action, updated frequently by members of our community.
Our Twitter account: a great source of upcoming events and information!
Call for comments: How do you like the new Newsletter format? Is there any content you'd like to see in upcoming issues? 
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